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Assume a lease
An auto lease takeover can be equally beneficial to both the parties. The benefits of an auto lease takeover to the person who wants to get rid of the auto lease are:
·         The biggest benefit is that the individual can get rid of the expensive auto lease. He would no longer be required to pay the monthly installments.
·         The individual is saved from having to pay a hefty penalty from wanting to get out of an auto lease.
·         He does not have to use the same car for the entire duration of the lease; if he gets tired of one car he can opt for an auto lease takeover and get a new lease for a car of his choice.
·         An auto lease takeover can save the individual from spending a lot of time trying to get the lease trader to cancel his/her lease.
An auto lease takeover is equally beneficial for an individual who wants to assume a lease too. The benefits to the one who wants to assume a lease are:
·         The individual does not have to pay a big deposit which they might otherwise have to if they opt for a new car lease.
·         They can get a car of their choice for a much lesser monthly payment, making it much more affordable.
      ·         They do not have to forcibly take a lease for a longer duration if they do not want to. They get a great short term lease.

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What is Car Lease Depot?

CarLeaseDepot.com is the first Lease Take Over Search Engine & Marketplace specializing in car lease transfer, lease assumption, and car lease takeover. Drivers can end a car lease early or take over great leases and even receive cash incentives.  We offer the most advanced search features for our lease takeover members and tons of amazing features for members trying to terminate a car lease early.

Can I really end my car lease early?

Early lease termination is now permitted by most leasing companies. Lessees simply have to find another driver with a similarly high credit rating to transfer the car lease. This lease takeover provides lessees thousands of dollars in savings compared to paying the balance of the lease (months remaining x monthly payment). Post your ad today!

What does it cost me to assume a car lease?

Car Lease Depot is totally free of charge.  Buyers and sellers can post their car ad for a free trial period or take one of our higher exposure ad packages so your ad is seen more frequently. To start simply register for free and see all of the extra features we offer you. You can even receive money as an incentive to takeover a car lease.

What is the process to get in or out of a car lease?

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