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February 20, 2013

How to get out of a car lease

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How to get out of a car lease.

The option of getting into a lease agreement in order to own a car has been a very exciting prospect to many people. This has certainly seen many people go and take a car lease on the vehicle that they have desired. The reason as to why people have been so enthusiastic is that in the short run it has always been a very cheap way of feeling that sense of car ownership.

To know how to get out of an auto lease agreement it is wise to know why guys get into the leasing agreement in the first place. You might have seen that guy with a flashy red car but his current job can’t afford him to buy the car and in your mind you are filled with a lot of question marks. Well don’t be if you want to drive a vehicle that you always thought you couldn’t own you also can. How you may ask, through leasing of course. What you do is go to a dealer who provides a leasing option to his vehicles and identify the car that you want and if you can meet the down payment then the monthly charges are not going to be a problem.

Also if you are in a new town and need a car like for a month then you can always assume a lease and drive the car for that month(or short term commitment). Looking to expand your business take a car lease and you can solve your problem easily as you do not have to spend a lot of money purchasing a new vehicle.

Now let’s get to the how to of getting out of a lease. There are many reasons that you may want to get out of an car lease. The prime reason is that maybe you have lost your job or you see that the car is an unnecessary expense that you don’t really need at the time. You may also want to get a newer car or a different car all the same.

The first and obvious way of terminating a car lease agreement is through returning the car before the life of the agreement comes to a close. This is going to cost you as there are penalties for returning the car earlier than expected. So this method is really not the best.

The alternative method of getting out of a lease agreement is through a lease swap. What happens is that you as the lease holder will sell the lease to an interested party, a buyer. This is a much more convenient method for both of you and the buyer as you don’t have to pay for the penalty for early return plus the monthly payments. As for the buyer he will assume that role by getting possession of the car and pay for the remainder of the life of the lease.

So do not shy away from getting that car lease as it will save you a lot for the short term but if you plan to lease for the long term like four years you are better off buying a new vehicle.

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Why buy a car in Los Angeles when you can lease?

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Why buy a Car in Los Angeles while you could Lease.

Car Lease in L.A.


Los Angeles Car Lease image from Wikipedia

Owning a car could never get better if it weren’t for car leasing. This is by any standards seen as a cheaper way of having a car to drive at your own convenience.  A time will come when you want a vehicle and then you walk into a car dealership and the first thing you find is that you can’t afford that car that you had been hoping to buy. May be you are new in town and do not intend to stay for long but you desperately need a car to get around by.

Worry no more. A car lease was just meant for you. So you may be wondering why you should take getting into an obligation for a lease with their monthly payment and stuff while you can also get a car loan and own a brand new car in no time. There are various reasons the first being you are in need of a car in the short term. Another reason is that you might want to lease a car is that if you haven’t ever owned a vehicle before you will probably want to know how much you need to maintain a car so you can just take a car lease and learn a few tips.

Another fact is that you can lease any kind of car whether new or used all at an affordable instalment  The truth is that a car loan monthly payment will be more expensive than a lease monthly payment.  If that is not convincing enough the lease could be cheaper if you take over a lease. This works to your advantage since you will just have to meet the agreed payment without having to make a down payment to the current lease holder. This can suit a person who needs the car on a short term.

The reverse Is also true where if you get bored with the current vehicle and have set sights on another vehicle or if you finally decide to buy a new vehicle you can swap a lease with a person who will be meeting the obligations of the contract and maybe you can recoup the amount that you used to pay your down payment.

So how do you acquire an auto lease? This is quite simple many new car dealers are willing to offer you a lease for that car you want. Interestingly luxury vehicles are the fastest movers in the leasing world. Alternatively you can find a car leasing firm over the internet over the internet where they will post the terms of a seller so that they can match with a wiling buyer. This proves to be cheaper in the long run as you can just assume a lease as earlier mentioned.

So after reading this you will have those second doubts over buying that new car when you can go for the cheaper method which is leasing of a new car.

To find a great car lease deal or to post you car lease offer, visit Car Lease Depot today! It’s easy and best of all FREE!

January 20, 2013

How to lease a car in Los Angeles

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How to lease a car in L.A.

L.A. Car Lease

Photo by Fire Monkey Fish on Flickr

Los Angeles is the one of the biggest motor cities in the states. There are close to 6 million vehicles in the state of California which is not a small figure by any standards. So if you are a resident and don’t have a car then you may be the black sheep. Los Angeles has always been dogged by traffic but you almost absolutely need a vehicle to get around L.A and its surrounding areas.

So, you are thinking that you need to have the saved cash to buy a car or you need to take a car loan that attracts a high interest rate and will take you ages to pay off?  All this will set you back money wise in the long run but don’t be worried as there is a better more economical alternative to owning a new or even used motor vehicle.

A car lease in Los Angeles is what you need to put you on the track to owning a car. An auto lease is like renting a car but unlike renting you can have the vehicle for a longer period of time, ranging from a few months to years. There are several advantages to taking a car lease over buying a car. First if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to drive a car for more than a year or two this is the right choice for you. This is because lease monthly payments are cheaper than car loans and the time frame can be shorter.  Also if you are thinking of buying that new car and haven’t ever owned a car before then you should consider getting one through an auto lease for a short time.  This experience could help you estimate how much car ownership and related expenses really cost but most importantly, help you find out what your essential needs are in a car.  You might think you need something and realize you don’t or vice-versa.

Though you might not get the ownership of the vehicle you will enjoy the car of your choice while you lease it. So what do you have to do to lease a car? You need to visit a dealer of choice who will give you the option to lease and if you are okay with the terms and conditions that they give you then you can sign the contract and drive away with the vehicle. Some conditions you might encounter are being limited to a certain mileage per year, ensuring the car is well maintained both on the inside and outside and also no personal enhancements to the car’s performance, mechanics and overall aesthetics.

When you get tired of the car you are leasing or need something different you can optionally choose to return the car to the owner (dealership) but a significant penalty is charged depending on the time remaining on your lease and the terms. To avoid or reduce such penalties you can lease swap it with a buyer who is willing to continue with the lease obligation.

To get a cheaper lease alternatively you may choose to assume a lease from a seller. This is a cheaper option since you will not have to worry about the down payment but rather you will be paying the monthly fee that has been set out by the owner of the car.

To avoid problems and setbacks when leasing a vehicle you must ensure you take your time to set out a budget and do your research.  Choose the vehicle that fits your needs and one that is affordable for you.  Don’t forget to READ THE FINE PRINT and RESPECT THE TERMS.  Follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way in no time.

To learn more about car lease takeovers, visit today.

Auto Lease Assumption Advantages

The Advantages of doing Auto Lease Assumption

Photo by Jennycu

Photo by Jennycu

Many people seem unaware of the advantages of having an auto lease assumption. Though it offers great money saving opportunity on auto leasing and has several advantages most people don’t go for this option and continue to go directly to the dealer for their auto leasing. If you are a budget conscious and rational consumer, then you must go for the option of taking over an existing auto lease rather than going for a new one from a dealership. Find someone who would like to exit from a lease and take-over their vehicle. It will save you considerable amounts of money for you and might also in some cases offer cash incentives as well as other perks (extra tires, fancy rims…) or simply get a higher end car for a much more reasonable monthly payment.

If you are still questioning why you should take over an existing lease rather than getting a new auto lease directly from the dealer? Consider this, if you get a lease directly from the dealer then you will have to pay all the standard fees and payments. But if you go for the lease assumption option then you have a bunch of advantages which are not available to those who get leases in a traditional way. Very first advantage that you are going to get by taking over an existing auto lease is that you get the vehicle without having to put a down payment on it. You just need to pay the monthly installments and then you become the owner of the vehicle by saving so much time and money. Say someone paid $2500 to a dealer as a down payment to get a vehicle on lease, thus reducing his payment from 375$ to $300 per month as monthly installments. Now, when you will get the lease, you won’t have to pay that $2500 which is a big sum you are saving and you still only pay 300$ a month. Still don’t want to get your car by lease assumption?

The other big advantage you are going to get by taking over an existing lease is the shorter lease term. This shorter period gives you several liberties like getting rid of vehicle in less time rather than bearing the same vehicle for 4 or 5 years.  If you decide you like the car and want to keep it you can get the ownership in a shorter time.  Time remaining on leases is quite variable. You need to find the one that fits your needs.  Most people get out of their leases about 2 years after the original signing, leaving these practically new cars (still under warranty in most cases) up for grabs.

To get all the advantages of auto lease assumption, you need to find some individual who wants to get out of their lease.  Not sure how to go about this?  No need to worry, you don’t need to knock on doors to find people wanting to get out of their lease. There are several websites where you can find lease takeovers very easily. Even most of the auto sellers’ websites give you the option to assume a lease when you click to buy a car. Only one thing left to do now.  Go for it!  You’ll be happy you did.

To learn more about car leasing or to view an inventory of short term car leases please visit

January 7, 2013

Takeover Mercedes Lease Oakland CA 94582

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Looking for a short term lease for a Mercedes E 350 in Oakland California? If so one was just listed today more details here

Here are the details:

mercedes lease takeover

mercedes lease takeover

“Sweet deal. Looking for immediate take over. Down payment negotiable. My understanding is the mileage is 20 city/30 highway. $0.25 per mile for excess.”

Send a message here

Vehicle Information
Year 2012
Make Mercedes
Model E 350
Exterior Color Silver
interior Color Black
Current Mileage 10072 Miles
Fuel Consumption 25 M/G
Transmission Automatic
Vehicle Features
Balance of factory warranty Wood grain package Tilt steering wheel
Dual front & side air bags Bluetooth technology Hands-free cellular
MP3 player All season tires Heated seats
Heated mirrors Power passanger seat Steering wheel radio controls
Telescopic steering wheel Homelink Anti-lock brakes
Premium sound system AM/FM Sereo + CD Bucket Seats
Leather seats Power Mirrors Power drivers seat
Power door locks Dual Front Climate Control A/C
Fog Lights Remote Keyless Entry Rear Spoiler
Drivers front air bag Cruise control Rear A/C
17″ alloy wheels Climate control CD changer
Lease Take-Over details
Leasing company Mercedes-Benz Financial
Monthly payment, before taxes $ 403
Monthly payment, incl. taxes $ 436
Original down payment $ 7500
Security deposit 0
Purchase Option at end of lease $ 36560
Total Milage allowance 27500
Excess km charge 0
Original lease term (months) 33
Lease expiry date 01-12-2014
Country USA
Province/state California
City Oakland
Postal/ Zip Code 94582

6 month car lease

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Looking for a 6 month car lease?

It is sort of a grey area. Where do people go when they are looking for a short term car lease?  What is considered short term? Some people consider short as 1 month but for the sake of this blog we are saying that short term lease is a 6 month car lease.  If you really want to find a 6 month car lease you need not be selective as certain lease companies do not allow lease transfers when there is less that 1 year left in a lease so you can forget getting a 6 month car lease with them.  Although the majority allow lease transfers that are as short as 5 or 6 months remaining.

Take it from us, we understand this market because we have transferred thousands of 6 month car leases.  But let’s say for fun you went on our website and didn’t find the right 6 month car lease for you, what do you do?  Well you need to step it up and go to various websites to find your target lease takeover offer.  Craigslist, kijiji, backpage are great free classified websites to start your search.  The only thing is you have to be very careful on those websites as their exists lots of fraud.  If you still can’t find a 6 month car lease, contact us directly at and we will do some of the heavy lifting for you.  Make sure in your email that you mention the make/model/year that you are looking for.

The Car Lease Team

Car Leasing vs Buying

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Factors to consider when deciding between car leasing vs buying:

Car Leasing: Leasing a car is the equivalent of renting it. Once the leasing agreement has ended, the car must be returned unless a decision is made to buy it.
Car Buying: The vehicle belongs to the purchaser.

Initial Fees
Car Leasing: Initial fees may include the first month’s payment, a security deposit, a down payment, taxes, and registration.
Car Buying: Initial fees may include a down payment, taxes, and registration.

* Both car leasing and car buying may include additional fees, depending on the car dealership.

Monthly Payments
Monthly car lease payments are usually lower than car loan payments.
Car Leasing: Payments are usually based on vehicle depreciation, interest, taxes, and other fees.
Car Buying: Payments are based on the purchase of the car, interest, finance charges, taxes, and other fees.

Returning the Car
Car Leasing: The vehicle can be returned at the end of the lease once all fees have been paid. This allows for the leasing of a new and different car!
Car Buying: The vehicle must be sold or traded in order to obtain a new one.

Future Value
Car Leasing: The lessor is responsible.
Car Buying: The purchaser is responsible.

Wear and Tear
Car Leasing: Charges will be assumed if the car is damaged beyond normal wear and tear.
Car Buying: Wear and tear will lower the trade-in value of the vehicle.

End of Term
Car Leasing: Terms usually last 2-4 years, upon which a choice can be made to begin purchasing the car or simply return it.
Car Buying: Terms usually last 4-6 years, in which there are no further car loan payments are not required.

How to Lease an Auto

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You can lease an auto at Car Lease Depot. Simply search for a car by make, lease duration, and monthly payments. In order to lease a car, you will need to fill out a car lease agreement form. This form usually addresses the following items:

- The car make and model
- The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price)
- Optional Equipment Cost
- License, Title, Taxes
- Acquisition fee
- Refundable security deposit
- Optional Warranty
- Optional Insurance
- Excess Wear and Tear
- Excess Mileage Charge

Be sure to review the Consumer Leasing Act (CLA) and learn about car leasing vs buying before you make any decisions.

Learning to Drive Manual Cars

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Are you interested in leasing a manual car but worried because you don’t know how to drive one?

Watch this friendly video tutorial!

Learning to drive manual cars can be easy!

Read about gear selection and view illustrations of it if you’re still feeling hesitant after watching the video.

Manual transmission is also known as straight shift, stick shift, standard shift, and sometimes 5-speed. Torque transfer from the engine to transmission is regulated by a driver-operated clutch, and gears are operated with a gear shift. Gear shifts for cars are controlled with the hand, and gear shifts for other vehicles, such as motorcycles, are controlled with the foot.

Luxury Car Leases

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Luxury cars have high, lease-end residual values because of their MSRP’s, or manufacturer’s suggested retail prices. This makes them perfect for car lease agreements! In fact, luxury cars are often leased more than automobiles of any other category, including sports cars. Some of the luxury car makers available on Car Lease Depot include BMW’s, Mercedes, Porches, and Rolls-Royces. To find a luxury car lease on Car Lease Depot, simply search for luxury cars within your area.

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