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Break car lease

Tools to Break Car Lease

Car lease can be an easy and economic way of getting to use a car without having to pay much for it. A car lease offers the use of a car to you for low monthly installments, and the end of the lease period the car has to be returned to the lease trader. But a car lease is a contract, and it isn’t easy to get out of the lease contract with your lease trader.
There are only a few options available if you want to break car lease. These options are discussed below in this article:
Contract Termination: the first option is to just go to your lease trader and terminate the contract. On terminating a lease contract you would be required to pay off the balance that is outstanding on your lease plus a penalty for ending the contract before the end of its term. This isn’t the most economic way to break car lease, but if you really want to get out of the car lease fast this could be one option. If you are planning to lease another car after getting out of the present lease, then might want to discuss it with your lease trader who might waive off the penalty amount if you lease the new car from them.
Lease Transfer: The most economic way to break car lease is lease transfer. In a lease transfer you can find someone who wants to assume a car lease from you and transfer the lease to them for the remaining period of the contract. If you want to go for a lease transfer, you would first have to talk to your lease trader since not all lease companies allow lease transfers. A lease transfer has to be done in the knowledge of the lease trader and a legal contract has to be made which would transfer the lease to the other party and relieve you from your lease. You can either find a person to assume a lease yourself or get help from certain online companies that provide these services.
Lease Swap: if you want to break car lease that you presently have and go for another car lease for a new vehicle then a lease swap is a good option. A lease swap allows you to get out of your present lease and go for a new car lease. If you want to avail this benefit, you would have to contact your lease trader, not all lease companies offer this option and you would have to find out if your lease trader offers this option or not and all the other financial details related to it.
These were the main options available if you want to break car lease. The best thing is to get all the details while considering a car lease in the first place and decide on one that would be perfect for you so that there wouldn’t be any problems later.
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What is Car Lease Depot?

CarLeaseDepot.com is the first Lease Take Over Search Engine & Marketplace specializing in car lease transfer, lease assumption, and car lease takeover. Drivers can end a car lease early or take over great leases and even receive cash incentives.  We offer the most advanced search features for our lease takeover members and tons of amazing features for members trying to terminate a car lease early.

Can I really end my car lease early?

Early lease termination is now permitted by most leasing companies. Lessees simply have to find another driver with a similarly high credit rating to transfer the car lease. This lease takeover provides lessees thousands of dollars in savings compared to paying the balance of the lease (months remaining x monthly payment). Post your ad today!

What does it cost me to assume a car lease?

Car Lease Depot is totally free of charge.  Buyers and sellers can post their car ad for a free trial period or take one of our higher exposure ad packages so your ad is seen more frequently. To start simply register for free and see all of the extra features we offer you. You can even receive money as an incentive to takeover a car lease.

What is the process to get in or out of a car lease?

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