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" Take a minute and compare CarLeaseDepot.com to all the other car lease sites and you will see what I saw. I took 2 days and compared price and exposure details and car lease depot was the #1 place to do business with.
Took 3 months but was worth it.
Regards and I will tell all my friends.


  - Holly Anderson  
" I put up ads on facebook and other social networking sites but I only know so many people. My ad said "looking for someone to take over my lease". I didnt get any replies. Car Lease Depot allowed for me to post up my car lease details for free and even though I ended up paying 99 and got in their feature car lease area, I got someoene to assume my lease. Saved thousands literally. Thanks. "


  - Jennifer Soranti  
" Ok. Not only did they save me $300 they brought me two eligible lease buyers. This car lease take over search engine made it easy for people to find me unlike some sites.
Hey man, keep it up because this is the change we lease consumers deserve.


  - Sami K  
" Very user friendly website. I like your features and vehicle lease searching is finally an easy process. wow. "


  - Chad Banner  
" This site is AMAZING! Great job on helping me find the auto lease assumption that I wanted! I also got a generous cash incentive. Good first time experience. "


  - Estelle P  
" I found this lease assumption website very easy to navigate. I took my time to compare and by far it will be my first choice for my lease takeover recommendations on my car blog. "


  - Sam Leibman  
" I put up ads on free classified websites and nothing happened asking people to takeover my lease and no response. Then I found this car lease search engine, posted my listing FOR FREE and actually got out of my lease. Good deal. Thanks a million!


  - Manon Antoni  
" This has been a great experience. This site offers an amazing array of services all under one roof. I particularly liked the chat feature as I don't like playing email tag.
A big THANK YOU to the depot!


  - Chris P  
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What is Car Lease Depot?

CarLeaseDepot.com is the first Lease Take Over Search Engine & Marketplace specializing in car lease transfer, lease assumption, and car lease takeover. Drivers can end a car lease early or take over great leases and even receive cash incentives.  We offer the most advanced search features for our lease takeover members and tons of amazing features for members trying to terminate a car lease early.

Can I really end my car lease early?

Early lease termination is now permitted by most leasing companies. Lessees simply have to find another driver with a similarly high credit rating to transfer the car lease. This lease takeover provides lessees thousands of dollars in savings compared to paying the balance of the lease (months remaining x monthly payment). Post your ad today!

What does it cost me to assume a car lease?

Car Lease Depot is totally free of charge.  Buyers and sellers can post their car ad for a free trial period or take one of our higher exposure ad packages so your ad is seen more frequently. To start simply register for free and see all of the extra features we offer you. You can even receive money as an incentive to takeover a car lease.

What is the process to get in or out of a car lease?

Assume a car lease, Assume car lease,Break a car lease, Lease assumption


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